Terms and Conditions

 Owner: Kimberly Rooney

Do Not Copy/Sharing Guidelines:

Print samples offered in this group may be shared for gathering interest with the watermark clearly in view. Please do not crop the images. Any reproduction of original artwork is strictly prohibited. We pay for the use of the artwork that we use from other very talented artists -- DO NOT take off our watermark as we are the only ones with paid rights to use the art , and would hate for you to get contacted by the artist :)

Printing Method and Fabric Content:

Fabric will typically be digitally printed, but on occasion we may have the possibility of using screen printing and we will inform everyone of those instances. 

Digitally printed fabric may vary from 250-270 gsm depending on the round. The weight will always be specified. Approximately 60” wide including selvage with at least 54” of usable fabric.

Please note: Digitally printed custom fabric may have flaws close to the selvedge, tiny speckles or white dots throughout the fabric. We will not issue refunds or discounts for this. We will try our best to find any flaws while we are cutting, but some are very small and minor and easily missed. If you can cover the flaw with a quarter, a refund is not offered. It is very unlikely that you will recieve fabric with any flaws outside the norm, but we are human and may miss one from time to time. 

If you have any issues with an order once it is received, please send Kimberly or one of the admins a private message through their personal Facebook profile. 


Prices will vary between $21-22 USD per yard for pre-orders and $25-26 USD retail. All orders need to be made via the website.  You will be able to place your USD order through the pre-order section on the website: www.thefabricgeeks.com or in CAD through our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheFabricGeeks)

Please do not combine preorder & retail orders. If a retail/preorder combined order is placed, retail will automatically be held until the preorder is ready to ship.

to use layaway please use LAYAWAY50 for 50% down OR LAYAWAY40 for 40% down

It is your responsibility to change all addresses in Paypal or our store sites.  We ship to the addresses that are provided via these ways - no exceptions. PLEASE NOTE: I ship via UPS (to US and Canada), and in some cases they have refused delivery to addresses with PO boxes. To ensure you receive your order without incident, it is recommended that you use a residential address as your shipping destination.

Layaway Information:

Layaway is available for orders of 3 yards or more and is available in the 2 layaway options. There will be a $5 layaway fee added to the first payment. The first payment will be paid immediately upon order placement (we will invoice as they come in), and the remainder will be due within 30 days.  

To use layaway please use LAYAWAY50 for 50% down OR LAYAWAY40 for 40% down


You must have the previous round payment completed before you are allowed to purchase from the next round. The only exemptions of this is Retail, Surprise Retail & Charity rounds that run at the same time.

Unpaid Layaway Payments :

Layaway is made in good faith that you intend to complete your purchase. It requires a manual form on our end. If you do not complete your layaway payments in the time given (without contact) your order will be cancelled, you will recieve a strike and there are NO REFUNDS. The amount paid will be kept to compensate for time and order loss regarding your transaction. PLEASE make sure you understand this before choosing layaway option as payment form.  (PLEASE SEE Paypal dispute below for further claification.)

Order Timeline:

Estimated production for each print/round is between 6-12 weeks and will be shipped from the printer to the group owner(s). Our goal is to have all fabric packaged and ready to ship within 1-2 weeks of arrival to us.


For all issues, contact Kimberly Rooney immediately BEFORE washing fabric.

Refunds/replacements/discounts offered within 1 week of receiving your fabric for any of the following reasons:

1) Your fabric was shorter than 36" per yard before washing.

2) Your fabric had undisclosed flaws NOT along the selvage/within 2" of selvage.

We do not cover any fabric that has been made into items. Coverage is available for 1 week. Please contact group owners directly if you have an issue and use the wall as a last result for expressing concerns. We do not cover return shipping to us which is needed for a replacement or refund (excluding missing fabric). We normally try to offer all 3 options but replacement may not always be available. We do NOT cover packages that say delivered (excluding if your package was delivered but is missing fabric).

All digital orders are FINAL SALE

Important: Damage caused  Canada Post or UPS  are not our responsibility. We will do everything to secure your package properly before leaving our hands. If you wish to purchase shipping insurance, please leave a note on your purchase and you will be invoiced for it.   Canada post and UPS provide $100 of insurance. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for packages once they are shipped.

Fabric Cuts:

Yards will be cut at 37"to compensate for shrinkage. If you have an issue with your fabric cut(s), please contact the group owner or Admin within 3 days of receipt.

Paypal Disputes:

Any PayPal dispute filed without first contacting the group owner or admin(s) in an attempt to reach a resolution will result in all current orders being cancelled/refunded and the immediate removal from the group.

Kimberly is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada.


1-2 yards - $10.00

3-4 yards - $12

5-8 yards - $14

9-14 yards - $16

15-18 yards - $18

19 + yards - $20

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: Kimberly ships via UPS, and in some cases they have refused delivery to addresses with PO boxes. To ensure you receive your order without incident, it is recommended that you use a residential address as your shipping destination.


TBD once Fabric is in and cut - International will be tagged for postage once your fabric is ready to ship.